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Family Intervention in Salinas, CA

Addiction is a destructive force that not only affects the person addicted but everyone connected to them. Because the addict is so enthralled in the addiction they cannot see the severity of the damage being done. A lot of times the addicted person believes they are only hurting themselves. Denial keeps the cycle going and prevents the addict from seeing how serious their problem is, if they can admit they have one. At A Better Today we believe that active involvement on the family’s behalf can make a huge difference on your loved one’s success in recovery. An intervention may be the tool necessary to open your loved ones eyes to the seriousness of their addiction and the pain it is causing.

Hosting an Intervention

The time to prepare an intervention is when your addicted loved one has been offered help but has refused or they are so embedded in denial they can’t see the severity of the problem. An ideal atmosphere for an intervention is one of genuine love and concern for the person struggling. Usually interventions that do not go well have an affect on the addict that leaves them feeling shamed and attacked for their addiction. This can drive someone further into the pits of their addiction, and if it is left untreated it can even result in death. It is recommended to utilize a professional interventionist because they are a unbiased third party that can keep the process on track. For the loved ones of the addicted person during the intervention it is important to state how concerned you are for them and how their behavior has negatively affected your life and theirs as well. A gentle balance between assertiveness and concern is important. You want your loved one to be able to take this situation seriously. A successful intervention would result in your addicted loved one agreeing to enter treatment feeling they have the love and support of their family, this can make all the difference in the world for your loved one. If you have a loved one enslaved by the chains of addiction and its also affecting everyone around them, don’t wait any longer host an intervention today and open the door to freedom and recovery.

Intervention and Its Benefits

Not only does an intervention open the addicted persons eyes to the severity of their substance abuse and the effects it is having on their loved ones; it also helps the family as well. During the process loved ones of the addict will be able to gain further knowledge and understanding into the disease of addiction. They will also be able to have an opportunity to express how they feel regarding the addicted loved ones behavior and the negative impact it is having on their lives. The family is also given a chance to reunite and reopen channels of communication that have been damaged by the addict and his/her addiction. This opens the door for the loved ones to be able to support and encourage the addict during this process. With the support of his/her loved ones going into treatment and throughout the process the addict has a much better chance of enjoying a fulfilling life together with their loved ones free from alcohol and drugs. Help is available call us today at 831-204-1322 and prepare an intervention.