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Detox & Withdrawal

Experiencing Withdrawal and Going Through Detox in Salinas, CA

Going through withdrawal is inevitable when someone decides to stop using any particular substance. The body has become physically dependent on the dugs/ alcohol that were being used. Here at A Better Today we work diligently to ensure your symptoms and detox are medically supervised leading to less withdrawals and discomfort. It is vital to go through a detox period because it clears the mind and body for a open door to successful recovery.

How Can A Better Today Help With Withdrawal?

Withdrawal is something that happens when someone stops using a substance after a period of time. Their body has become dependent on whatever substance that was being used. Fear of going through the period of withdrawal is what keeps a lot of people who are addicted in that vicious cycle. The symptoms of withdrawal depend on the substance, how often it was used, how long it was used and what medications the person is taking. Sweating, shaking, tremors, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, psychosis, and seizures are all symptoms of withdrawal. Experiencing any of these symptoms seem unpleasant and most people who are addicted continue to use so they avoid these symptoms, Here at A Better Today we utilize a medically managed detox and withdrawal process that helps to lessen some of these symptoms and make the detox more comfortable. Medications help to alleviate the pain that the addicted person may go through during this process. Being completely honest about the drug/ alcohol use and the medications being taken or prescribed is very important for the person entering this phase. Our attending physician need to be able to develop the proper plan for the addicted person so that we can regulate the withdrawal symptoms effectively. Depending on what was used, how much, and for how long the abuse has gone on we can develop a plan to manage the symptoms and reduce the pain and discomfort of this process.

Detox at A Better Today

Clearing your body of the chemicals and toxins that have built up in the system over a prolonged period of time is the purpose of detox. Initially, communication with the attending doctor in an honest and open form is very important. If someone isn’t honest about what they have been using and experiencing and for how long, they will not be able to get the best devised treatment plan to assist them moving forward. A Better Today provides a “medically-assisted detox.” We utilize the aid of medications and other proven methods to significantly reduce the withdrawal symptoms and minimize the length of detox as well. The way we detox at A Better Today is significantly less painful and much shorter than if someone was to do it a home “cold turkey.”For someone who uses a substance such as alcohol or benzodiazepines, withdrawal from these substances have been known to cause seizures that have led to death. Going through detox and withdrawal in a medical setting is very important. Let us open the door call us today 831-204-1322 .