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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Searching for Rehab in Salinas, CA

You personally or someone you love may have found that they have a serious problem with alcohol or drugs. If that is the case, the next step towards recovery would likely be treatment/rehab. There are different routes to take to get to the path of recovery no particular method works for each individual. At A Better Today we offer a rehab program that is comprehensive from the beginning which is a medically managed detox period, the therapy provided, outpatient programs, sober living communities and aftercare planning. We respect each individual’s uniqueness and needs and develop a personalized treatment plan based around their particular needs.

Describe Rehab at A Better Today.

Making the decision to enter rehab at A Better Today is a huge step to take to overcome addiction. It takes courage and strength to admit you have a problem and then seek help. The first phase in rehab is the stabilization period. This is where you or your addicted loved one will go through a medically managed detox. We provide medications that assist with the withdrawal symptoms. Upon completion of the stabilization process the next step is treatment. During this stage ABT utilizes various evidence based therapy models. These range from individual to group therapy, from art and music therapy, to art and yoga therapy, to equine, family, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition to the therapies offered, our clients receive education on addiction, relapse prevention and gain access to the 12-step community. We assign a Master’s level therapist specializing in addiction treatment as well as co-occurring disorders. We also assign a life coach that teaches the necessary living and coping skills needed to sustain a life in recovery. We devise a personalize aftercare plan to follow you after completing rehab. We also offer intensive outpatient 3 nights a week to help support and sustain your recovery. Here at A Better Today we want to open the door to a fulfilling life free from alcohol and drugs.

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Addiction is a destructive force that tears apart families and destroys dreams. A Better Today offers a way out of this vicious cycle. With the help of our rehab center we have the tools needed to break the chains of addiction. We provide the life and coping skills needed to face life on it’s terms. We have helped many individuals and families and are committed to providing the highest quality of care. If you or someone you love is suffering with an addiction don’t wait any longer get the help you need today, call us now (831) 204-1322 and open the door to freedom.