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Addiction Treatment Center

If you are in Salinas, CA and are struggling with addiction, A Better Today can help.

It may seem entirely impossible to refrain from or stop the use of alcohol or drugs especially if there is an addiction present, willpower isn’t enough to stop or stay stopped. As a result of addiction, the brain is rewired affecting the addicted person physically, mentally, and emotionally. The brain becomes accustomed to the high levels of dopamine and the feeling of “euphoria” the drugs or alcohol produce. The glutamate in the brain stores that feeling into memory, making using that substance a priority for the addict above all basic needs. Addiction is considered a disease, not a moral failing because of the rewiring in the brain and the loss of the power of choice the addict experiences in whether to use or not, There is hope however for a fulfilling life once the using has stopped and recovery has begun. Here at A Better Today we offer the highest level of quality care and the most current treatment methods to help you or your addicted loved one break the chains of addiction. Call us today at (831) 204-1322 and get the help you or your loved one deserve.

A Better Today Can Help with Addiction

Addiction centers in the brain affecting the chemicals dopamine and glutamate. Overcoming that feeling of euphoria is what makes addiction so difficult to overcome. Quitting the use of drugs/alcohol is no easy task and without help it may seem and may even be impossible. The only way someone can recover from addiction is by first stopping the use of the substances(s) they were using. Once, stopped the person addicted will experience intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The craving comes from the brain which had become accustomed to the high levels of dopamine and is now alerting the addict to use again. The glutamate has stored that “good feeling” into memory and is reminding the addicted person how much they liked it and is encouraging them to do it again. Here at A Better Today we focus on getting the addicted person stabilized through a supervised medical detox. During this period the addicted person will be cleansed of the toxins and chemicals from the substance(s). Following this period the individual will also undergo intense therapy, education, and coaching that will provide them the skills and resources they need to cope with life in recovery. Addiction can be fatal if left untreated. Take Action Today.

Yearning For A Better Today in Salinas, CA

Understanding addiction and how it affects the mind may have an influence on someone reaching out for help or not. Getting help for yourself or an addicted loved one can mean life or death. We employ some of the top professionals and therapist here at A Better Today that are trained and experienced in addiction and addiction education. As mentioned before, we do not believe addiction is a moral failure but a disease that can be fatal if left untreated. We take pride in providing the skills and resources you or your addicted loved one needs to enter into recovery and succeed. If you or someone you love is suffering with an addiction please call us at (831) 204-1322 and let us help.